Destination Motorsport Complex

2018 Rules

  1. Every person that enters the facility must sign a release and waiver of liability.

  2. Rider medical insurance is NOT provided by the tracks or officials for any event (practice, race, etc.).

  3. Absolutely no alcoholic beverages, drugs or other illegal substances will be allowed on the property at any time. Any rider, who in the opinion of the track officials is impaired, shall not be allowed to compete.

  4. Track officials are not responsible for locating the riders for their event. The rider must be at the start line for his/her event.

  5. It is the responsibility of the rider or their representative to determine the class in which he/she belongs. Another rider or their representative can protest you, which will warrant disqualification if you enter an incorrect class.

  6. All riders must have ankle or higher boots, proper helmet and eye protection. Kick stands must be removed from all bikes. Clutch and front brake levers must have the ball end of the lever intact.

  7. The Beginner class is for those riders who have just begun to race and have not competed for more than one (1) calendar year which is a 12 month period. This is not based on how many times the rider races, it is based on a (1) year (12 month) period. It does not matter what bike size you start on for this ruling to apply.

  8. A beginner rider will not be moved up just because they are fast.

  9. Rider must ride the same bike in the 2nd moto that they rode in the 1st moto of that class.

  10. All protests of a rider’s eligibility or any other infraction must be received within 30 minutes of posting results.

  11. All classes are considered modified classes. See classes for limits and restrictions.

  12. Participants are solely responsible for their safety at all events and should assess their own ability to negotiate the track or course.

  13. Once a rider has moved to a higher classification, he/she will not be allowed to move down in skill level classification.

  14. First moto gate pick will be by random computer selection, Second moto by first moto results.

  15. No tools (rakes, shovels, etc.) are to be used at the starting gates. No one other than the track official is allowed in front of the gate. No digging of holes or piling of dirt in or around the starting mechanism.

  16. Riders must be capable of holding up their bike on their own. All mechanics must move back from their rider once the starting procedure has begun.

  17. All bikes must start behind and in line with an individual starting gate.

  18. The starting gate will be held a max of 2 minutes for a rider. If the rider is not present, then the rider must have a representative at the gate to speak on his/her behalf.

  19. If you are caught jumping at the gates, the race will be red flagged and that rider will be required to start backwards off the restart, if not, they will be disqualified.

  20. If a rider leaves the track lane(s) during the race for any reason, and then decides to resume the race, he/she must reenter at his/her point of exit.  If it is unsafe or impossible to reenter at his/her point of exit, he/she must reenter at the safest possible place which is closest to his/her exit as possible, without improving his/her position.

  21. If a moto must be stopped because one or more riders is obstructing the progress of that moto, that rider(s) will not be allowed to continue in the restart of that moto, unless approved by the race official.

  22. There will be no restarts unless it is the opinion of the race officials that it will endanger the participants involved or if there is a malfunction in the start gate or some interference as determined by the race official.

  23. If for any reason the race must be stopped, it will be considered completed if over 50% of the race has been run.

  24. A lapped rider must move over at all times or he/she will be black flagged.

  25. Any foul riding, unnecessary bumping, lack of caution, course cutting or other unsportsmanlike conduct at the race event is grounds for disqualification or penalty as determined by the race official.

  26. 50cc, 65cc, & 85cc riders must ride with their age group in which they race. No riding up.

  27. If it is posted that a moto will be (X) number of laps and for some reason it exceeds that number, it will be considered completed at the end of the advertised or announced number of laps. The scorekeepers lap sheets will be used to determine the finish order.

  28. If it is necessary to run ‘divisions or heats’ due to class size, the classes will be split randomly by the “Trackside” scoring program.

  29. YELLOW flag: Caution, rider down on track or dangerous situation ahead. Slow down, do not pass, no double or triple jumping, no aggressive riding. Racing may resume once you are past the hazardous situation. Violators will be docked a position for every infraction, to be decided by the race official.

  30. RED flag: The race is being stopped. Return to the starting line.

  31. BLACK flag: Exit the track. Report to the race official immediately.

  32. WHITE flag: One lap remaining. (This is a courtesy flag and is not required to be displayed – always race to the checkered flag)

  33. CHECKERED flag (black & white): Moto is finished. Exit the track.

  34. Rider must cross the finish line while on the track lane in order to be scored as taking the checkered flag. Going around or missing the finish line, for whatever reason, will be considered a DNF.

  35. Any and all protests not covered in the rules above, shall be decided at the discretion of the race official(s).